Children from the age of 6 are welcome to start learning. The guitar is taught as a whole to equip the student with every aspect of guitar playing/musical style. Regardless of what type of guitar the student starts on they will be taught the right techniques to play on the 3 main types of guitar - the electric, acoustic & classical.
As well as teaching popular rock/blues/pop songs to develop a student’s playing skills, I also teach the student to read music, which often gets neglected if not introduced at the right stage.

Teaching Method
Subjects Covered
Specific Electric, Acoustic & Classical guitar techniques, scales & arpeggios, music theory, sight reading, fingerstyle & pick techniques, tapping, improvising, composition & arrangement.
Matt Read
Songs are used to help develop specific techniques and increase chord vocabulary. Full backing or drum tracks are used to develop time keeping and to give experience of playing in a band setting. Recording is also used to aid the student.